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City’s lift station project takes a new direction

By Jeanne Marcello Staff Reporter

CITY OF MONTROSE – Contractors have been dewatering the site for the Montrose City sanitary lift station, at the corner of Genesee and Ruth streets, for over seven weeks. Wade Trim Engineer Bethany Schroeder discussed the project with the Montrose City Council at their Sept. 10 council meeting.

Schroeder explained that originally, the contractor estimated the dewatering process would take 2-4 weeks. She explained that they did see a reduction in the volume of water at about weeks 3-4. However, the water was measured, at seven weeks, on the morning of the meeting and it was still coming out at 60 gallons a minute.

Schroeder talked about the options. If they continued to dewater, there was the possibility that the project could run into seasonal issues. Plus, with the rental of the dewatering pump at $1,500 a week, it wouldn’t take much time for the project costs to add up to even more than proposed alternative.

The alternative option was the use of pressure grout. The project would cost a little more, but it could be finished quicker, Schroeder explained. She talked about how the pressure grout would help hold the water back and prevent the sand from coming in on the construction project.

“[Matzak Inc. is] going to need more money to grout,” Schroeder said, “not to exceed $9,500.”

Montrose City Manager Frank Crosby told the city council that the project costs were initially estimated at $230,000. However, the contractor’s low bid was $188,000. He reasoned that $9,500 should be more than sufficient to complete the project.

“This will be the fastest and cheapest solution,” Crosby stated.

Schroeder told the council, “If the water level had kept dropping, I would have a different opinion.” With the grouting option, they would be looking at only a few more weeks to complete the project.

A few council members challenged the added cost to the project as well as the project taking longer than expected. However, Crosby explained that if the council were to require contract bids to be finished on a certain time schedule, the cost of bids would increase signifi- cantly.

Schroeder also pointed out that the length of time required for dewatering is very unpredictable.

Mayor Pro-Tem Colleen Brown stated, “As I see it, this is less than 10 percent over the budgeted cost and is perfectly within parameters.” She moved to approve the grouting process and the additional cost not to exceed $9,500. The motion passed unanimously.

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