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Kuehn-Haven School new environmental system up running

Second boiler misfires – project completion delayed
By Jeanne Marcello Staff Reporter

MONTROSE – “The Middle School heating and cooling project has gone very well up to this point,” stated Montrose Schools Superintendent Mark Kleinhans. “For example, we had budgeted in $100,000 worth of contingency cost on the project, which is standard for a project of this scope. To date, with 95 percent of the project completed, we have not spent, or foresee additional spending, any of this contingency money for projects of this type. It is very rare not to have items that come up during the construction project that cost additional money.”

On the Friday before school started, the newly installed boilers at Kuehn-Haven Middle School in Montrose were fired up. According to Kleinhans, “The first boiler fired up quite nicely. But the second misfired, causing some interior damage.”

According to ATI Group representative Mike Bunting, the manufacturer would replace the second boiler.

Kleinhans said the middle school could run quite awhile on only one boiler, until the weather gets really cold. But he told the board that he didn’t want to get bogged down waiting until it freezes. He doesn’t want to be in the position where he has to decide whether to heat the building or close the school.

Meanwhile, ATI Group, Integrated Environmental Solutions of Flushing, is looking to sign a maintenance agreement with the Montrose School Board. During the Montrose School Board meeting, the board discussed a proposed maintenance agreement with ATI. School Board Trustee Coetta Adams requested that the agreement to go back to the finance and facilities committee for further evaluation before the board votes. Adams said she is looking to Kleinhans for “other options.” The school board agreed to send the agreement back to finance and facilities committee for further discussion. According to Kleinhans, the committee needs to discuss both the length of the contract, and whether to include the elementary school and high school in the agreement. ATI Group supervised the changes to the environmental systems at the middle school only.

Later Kleinhans continued to discuss the boiler misfire, “The school district will be working very closely with ATI Group [general contractor for the project] to bring a resolution to the boiler misfire issue. We want to make sure the system is complete for the heating season. These last few years, we spent considerable amounts money in both equipment and labor cost keeping the 30-year-old system running. The new system will save the District $60,000 in gas and electrical use each fiscal year, not to mention will run much more effectively and efficiently during both the heating and cooling seasons.”

While not discussed during the school board meeting, teacher Kathleen Dowd has expressed concern about not having air conditioning in the elementary and high schools. Kleinhans explained, “Carter and the high school have never had air conditioning systems in the classrooms, only in the libraries, computer labs and offices.”

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