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ALBEE ELEMENTARY CLOSING CELEBRATION — Former students and teachers are encouraged to come share their memories with an old-fashioned American carnival for the Albee Elementary School Closing Celebration. The celebration will be held on Sunday, June 6 from 1-4 p.m. at Albee Elementary School. There will be moon walks, carnival games, concessions, magicians, face painting, a flag retirement ceremony and a time capsule. Admission is free.

SWAN CREEK TOWNSHIP THIRD IN RECYCLING – Mid Michigan Waste Authority has released the 2009 rankings for household recycling and Swan Creek Township came in third in tons of material recycled per household. In 2009, Swan Creek Township residents recycled 141 tons of materials. In addition to the savings of funds by processing for recycling versus cost of landfill disposal, 141 tons of materials were kept out of county landfills. Thirty-four members of the Waste Authority currently recycle. Swan Creek Township actively promotes recycling by providing recycling bins free of charge to residents.

CHS YEARBOOKS DUE IN THIS WEEK - Attention: The 2010 Chesaning High School Yearbook will be arriving this week. All pre-orders will be available for pick-up starting on Thursday in Room 504. Additional copies will also be available to purchase at a cost of $65, but quantities are limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make checks payable to Chesaning H.S. Yearbook.

CHS BACCALAUREATE – Chesaning High School’s graduating Class of 2010 announces its baccalaureate service will be hosted this year at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church. This event, sponsored by participating churches, will be held on Sunday, May 16 at 3 p.m. Light refreshments will also be served. All seniors and their family members, school staff and interested citizens are cordially invited to attend this free event. Questions may be directed to Katie Eichler at (989) 845-3536 or to Mary Van Loon at (989) 845-6326.

KC RAFFLE WINNERS – The winners of the Chesaning Knights of Columbus 50/50 raffle for May are James Dilts, of New Lothrop, Gary Birkmeier, of Chesaning, Ernest Gross, of New Lothrop, and Nick Andres, of Chesaning.

ST. CHARLES STUDENT PLACES IN POSTER CONTEST – Naomi Flores, 9, a third grader at St. Charles Elementary School, received honorable mention for her individual entry in the Mid Michigan Waste Authority’s annual Recycle, For Earth’s Sake Poster Contest. Fourteen winners were selected and received their design printed on a t-shirt made in part from recycled drink bottles. The awards were presented at MMWA’s Go Wild! Celebrate Earth Day event held on Saturday, May 1 at the Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square in Saginaw.

FESTIVAL BANNER HEADED TO SPACE – When the space shuttle Atlantis heads into space this week, it will be taking a little piece of Michigan with it. The shuttle, piloted by Dominic A. Antonelli, a native of Detroit, is scheduled to launch on Friday, May 14 at 2:28 p.m. from the Kennedy Space Center enroute to the International Space Station (ISS). The banner, identical to the “Party at MI Place” billboards throughout the state, advises everyone looking for family fun to go the Michigan Festival and Events website, www.michiganfun.com to see what opportunities MFEA offers year round. MFEA has partnered with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to help promote the many fairs and festivals throughout the state. MFEA’s Party at MI Place campaign is designed to bring awareness to the thousands of Michigan celebrations, festivals, events and tourism industry. MFEA is headquartered in Chesaning.

ST. CHARLES CHAMBER RAFFLE WINNER – The winner of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce raffle for this week is Laura Keeven, of St. Charles.

FREE INK WEEK – Chesaning ACE Hardware and INKO DEM, the worldwide leader in integrated inkjet cartridge refilling and testing technology for retail and university environments, will hold Free Ink Week from May 9-15. Anyone who has an empty inkjet cartridge and needs more ink can come into Chesaning ACE Hardware and get their inkjet cartridge refilled for free.

BALL PLAYER HEADS HOME - The Senior League softball game ended suddenly Monday, May 3, when Keith J. Bennett of Bannister, 77, collapsed as he rounded the bases at Showboat Park. Twin Township Ambulance received the call at 5:45 p.m. They sent an Advanced Life Support unit to Showboat Park. Chesaning Police called Chesaning-Brady Fire Department to assist at 5:57 p.m. Five firefighters worked on the victim, taking turns with Twin Township Ambulance personnel administering CPR, longer than usual. The victim was pronounced at the scene and taken to Misiuk Funeral Home in Chesaning.

(See Obituary in this issue)

PEDESTRIAN KILLED – The Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the May 3, death of a pedestrian in Maple Grove Township. According to Sheriff’s Capt. William H. Gutzwiller, the driver of a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme was traveling southbound on Lincoln Road at Ferden Road in Maple Grove Township at approximately 10:30 p.m. “The driver did not see the pedestrian walking southbound in the southbound lane of Lincoln,” Capt. Gutzwiller’s report stated. The victim was Jason Alan Hale, 35, of Dearborn. The crash is still under investigation by the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office. Meanwhile, the department has not filed charges against the driver in this incident.

PEET POND POTENTIAL? – Chesaning Village Mayor Pro-Tem Damion Frasier has proposed turning the village owned, 35-acre Peet pond area into a nature trail. During the May 4 meeting, Frasier proposed the project citing that Tom Tithof has a list of animals spotted on the property. Frasier suggested that they simply mow a path and access area for parking. He also mentioned the possibility of installing a couple of birdhouses and a seat for bird watching. Mayor/Village President Joe Sedlar, Jr. asked how the village would get an easement to cross the railroad. Frasier replied, “Peet used an easement.” Sedlar wasn’t so sure. However, Frasier, who is an attorney, assured the council that the easement was transferred with the property.

WANT TO BUY THAT DUMP? – Councilman Don Swartzmiller told the Chesaning Village Council that someone wants to buy the old village dump, which he estimated to be 20 acres of land. It was news to several council members, who were unaware the village even had a dump. Several council members began describing the location off Fransche Road between Ferden and Peet. “There’s no reason for us to have it,” Swartzmiller said. Councilwoman Julie Schirle commented, “Only a few of us know about it.” According to Swartzmiller, the ponds on the property had been there since the 1960s. “Let’s put the property up for sale,” and he proposed that the resolution be formalized with a vote of the council. “It’s not recognizable as a dump,” he said. Mayor Pro-Tem Damion Frasier volunteered to review the property’s environmental survey and report on it at the next village meeting.

ROAD WORK AHEAD – The Chesaning Township Board discussed road repairs he recommended with the township’s limited budget. Supervisor Bob Corrin talked about strategies for dealing with water problems on Ferden Road. According to Corrin, the county wants to do have an engineering study of the problem. However, he expressed concern that engineering studies cost a lot, and in the end you still have to fix the problem. Trustee Bill Hedrich asked if they could save money with a private contractor. There had been some speculation as to whether the drain tile needed would have to be a 24” or could they use an 18” tile. “We all know which way the water’s got to go,” Corrin commented. The board also discussed other road projects. According to Corrin, Baldwin Road would likely be their only seal-coating project this year. He also targeted sections of Amman, Fransche and Harris roads for brine.

ZONING ISSUES – The Chesaning Township Board adopted the revised township ordinance as a whole. Spicer Group had been working with Zoning Administrator/Building Inspector Sam Foreman and the Chesaning Township Planning Commission to update the entire code. All the required public hearings have been held and Saginaw County Planning has approved it. The Chesaning Township Board adopted the ordinance during their May 6 meeting. Supervisor Bob Corrin also acknowledged the need for a temporary zoning assistant. Foreman had recommended Rob Kehoe, who presently serves as building inspector and code enforcement officer for the Village of Chesaning. Corrin and Clerk Sue Emmendorfer found that the township already has a zoning assistant position in the township’s salary schedule. “We’re feeling we need a little help right now,” Corrin stated. The board approved Kehoe for the position of temporary zoning assistant.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Chesaning Village Councilwoman Jenice Deming will hold a volunteer training session at 1p.m., May 15 at the Chesaning Village office for those willing to volunteer as survey takers. The survey is designed to help the village reclassify its economic status for grant eligibility. Deming feels that Chesaning should be eligible for grants based on its current economic status. The surveys will be taken between May 16 and 29, according to volunteers’ schedules. For more information, call the Chesaning Village Office, (989) 845-7403. Volunteers must be age 18 or older.

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