2012-03-25 / Viewpoints

Writer says shopping local makes sense

Dear Editor:

I would like to remind everyone during these tough times as money is tight and you are driving by your local store to save a few cents per item, please remember to add the cost of gas for that extra drive into your calculations.

More importantly, remember the local store sends tax dollars to your schools. If the business tax base declines, the homeowner will be asked to pay more to support the schools.

If one business goes away it hurts every other business.

According to the statement on the side of the “Edward’s Sign” company truck 68% of money spent at your local store STAYS in the community.

The local store might not have everything you need, but get what you can there. It means staying “Loyal” to your hometown. Come on it is good for all of us!

Barb Wenzlick

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