2017-10-08 / News

Health department warns against any contact with Flint River

MONTROSE – Persons in the vicin­ity of the Flint River should be alerted to potential health and safety risks resulting from the discharge of untreat­ed sewage into the Flint River.

City of Flushing assistant department of public works director Jeff Clark issued a news release stating, “On Oct. 1, the City of Flushing discharged untreated sanitary sewage from its sanitary system. This discharge was due to a broken force main. The dis­charged sewage will ultimately flow to the Flint River. The state of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Genesee County Health Department have been notified, as required by law. Officials of Flushing Township, Montrose Township and the city of Montrose have also been notified.”

Notification has been posted on the Montrose Township and City of Montrose websites.

The Genesee County Public Health Department issued a public health advi­sory recommending against any con­tact with the Flint River, downstream (north) of the release.

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