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PARKS AND REC WORKSHOP – Maple Grove Township will be holding a public workshop on Sunday, Sept. 30, at 6 p.m. at the township hall, 17010 Lincoln Road, to discuss its park and the five year Park and Recreation Master Plan. The public is encouraged to attend to provide input and suggestions. For more information, contact Greg Wendling at (989) 482-4510.

MONTROSE BLOOD DRIVE – There will be a blood drive from noon to 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at the Montrose Methodist Church, 158 E. State St., Montrose. Prospective donors should hydrate, wear comfortable clothing, bring ID and bring a friend. Donations are stored on ice until it is transported to a Red Cross center. Blood is available to be shipped to hospitals 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Donors must be at least 17 years old and in good health. The event is co-sponsored by the Good Shepherd Knights of Columbus Council 8669. For more information, call (810) 639-6925 or (810) 639-6317.

RESIDENTS PETITION – During the Tuesday, Sept. 18 meeting, the Montrose Township Board acknowledged the receipt of a petition from residents on McAfee Road for renewal of the $250 special assessment for street repair and maintenance. Montrose Township Supervisor Mark Emmendorfer said 31 of 34 residents signed the petitions; three weren’t home when the petitions were circulated. The township board agreed to schedule a public hearing for the special assessment.

PARK RULES – The Montrose Township Board held the first reading of the parks and recreation revised rules at its Tuesday, Sept. 18 meeting. Township Supervisor Mark Emmendorfer explained that the park rules need to be set so they can be updated by resolution instead of requiring

a public hearing. The changes recommended for this year include rewording the no smoking rules. Instead of requiring no smoking in the lower section of the park, the proposed change calls for no smoking allowed within 30 feet of any structure. The second reading takes place at the next meeting, when the changes are expected to be adopted by the board.

SALT FOR PARK PATH – On Tuesday, Sept. 18, the Montrose Township Board approved the purchase of three pallets of salt at $1,350 from Gilroy Hardware in Montrose. It will be used to melt the snow and ice on the path at Barber Memorial Park. Board member Gary Keeler asked if it was the only quote, which it was. Township Supervisor Mark Emmendorfer explained that this is the user-friendly salt, whereas, the Genesee County Road Commission gives the township the other kind of salt for use on roads. “This is used just for the park path. This stuff is friendly for the sidewalks,” Emmendorfer said. Keeler replied, “Okay, move to approve.” The purchase was approved.

CRACK SEAL – The Montrose Township Board approved the expenditure of an additional $5,900 for crack seal to finish the roads for this year. Montrose Township Supervisor Mark Emmendorfer explained that the board had originally approved $20,000 for crack seal; however, the foreman indicates additional is needed to finish this year’s road projects. On Tuesday, Sept. 18, the township board approved the purchase of three pallets of crack seal at a total of $5,900.

OTHER OPTIONS – Montrose Township Supervisor Mark Emmendorfer explained that the building and grounds superintendent’s vehicle has 50,000 miles on it, but it’s 10 years old. Montrose Township received two bids for the purchase of a new three-quarter ton utility truck with snowplow

package. The low bid price was a little more than the township anticipated. After looking over the bids, the board decided to reject them and look at other options. At this point, the township is looking into the cost of leasing a vehicle.

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