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Chesaning Village Council Meeting Minutes
August 21, 2018
President Sedlar called the meeting of the Chesaning Request to Hold a 5K Race in Showboat Park on September
Village Council to order at 7:30 p.m. on August 21, 2018, in the 15th: Cheri Thiel
Village of Chesaning council chambers. Motion by Wenzel, supported by Larner to approve the
request to allow a 5k race in Showboat Park on September 15th.
Roll Call: Present- Cicalo, Hoover, Larner, Navarre, Sedlar, Motion carried.
Wenzel Feltman, Valentine & Powell
Absent: Vondrasek Riverfront Grill Volleyball Courts Discussion: Matt Pierce
Matt Pierce asked if Council would be interested in selling the
Motion by Hoover, supported by Cicalo to approve the property that he currently uses for a volleyball court next to the
agenda. Motion carried. Riverfront Grill. Sedlar explained that we are currently in the
process of moving to that space. We are not yet aware of the
Public Statement I – None outdoor space may need.

Consent Agenda – Village Office Building Project Change Order #2: credit of
Receive & file: a. Ordinance Compliance Report: August $1172.00
2018 Motion by Hoover, supported by Navarre to accept Change
Approval of the Village Council meeting minutes of August Order #2 with a credit of $1,172. Motion carried.
7, 2018
Approval of Accounts Payable: $507,547.74 Village Office Building Project Pay Application #4:
Motion by Hoover, supported by Larner to approve the This closes out the project.
consent agenda. Motion carried. Motion by Hoover, supported by Navarre to approve Village
Office Building Project Pay Application #4 for $45,127.85. Motion
Police Department Report: Chief Wilburn carried.
Chief Wilburn read through the public safety report from July
16th to August 19th. President Sedlar asked the Council if they Public Statement – Douglas Haskins, Corunna, encouraged
thought we should purchase a boot for cars because of the large the Council to keep the airport opened and spoke about how
number of unpaid parking tickets over the last couple of years. great an asset it can be to a community. Fred Fagan, Peet Rd,
He also mentioned to Chief Wilburn that there seems to be a lot asked about the plans for the airport and what would happen to
more speeding on the roads that have recently been repaved. the hangar leases if the airport closed. It was explained that no
decision has been made about the airport, but if the airport were
New Business closed by the Village the hangar leases would be bought out
and the hangars would be moved or abandoned. Chris Beldyga,
Items for Introduction/Discussion- Liberty St, added that there was a crop duster that ran out of the
FY 2017/18 Audit Presentation: Sarah Talbot, AHP airport this year that made $13,000 spraying local farms.
Talbot briefly touched on parts of the audited financial Committee Reports
statements prepared by AHP including 3 minor deficiencies that Infrastructure – Meeting on the 22nd at 10am.
are already being addressed by staff. Finance & Administration – No meeting
DDA – No meeting
Chesaning Area Historical Society: Showboat Handprint Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting – No meeting.
Blocks Proposal Planning Commission – No meeting.
Chesaning Historical Society would like to sell and place cement Airport – Next meeting in September.
blocks with hand prints on them in the rain gardens in front of Fire Board – There were 4 runs in the last 2 weeks. They
the library. Council had questions like who would place and assisted Elsie with another barn fire. The 911 millage passed.
maintain them. Also the rain gardens are MDOT right of way, so Task Force – No meeting.
the project would have to be cleared with them. Finding alternate
areas were suggested. President Sedlar announced that Thursday the DNR will release
Lake Sturgeon into the river sometime between 2:30 and
Items for Action- 4:30pm near the water tower, if anyone is interested in coming.
LeLantos Transport MMF License Application: Secure
Transport at 15403 Sharon Rd Administrator’s Report –
Tim Schuler stated that they have the necessary state license. Submitted written report. Feltman said that construction on the
They will be leasing the space on Sharon Rd. They will be hiring new office building is complete. Spectrum internet is going in this
locally. They would like to hire some veterans and retired law week. They are waiting on phones from Centurylink. They hope
enforcement. Drivers will not be armed. This is not allowed by to be moved to the new building by September 10th. Feltman
the state. asked the Council about the design they would like for a sign for
Motion by Hoover, supported by Wenzel to approve the the building. He also thanked the staff for all the hard work they
MMF license application for LeLantos Transport. have done with the auditors.

Councilman Navarre asked if this violated the moratorium. It was Motion by Navarre, supported by Hoover to adjourn the
explained that it does not because it is at a site that has already regular council meeting.
been approved.
President Sedlar adjourned the regular council meeting at
Roll Call Vote – Cicalo-No, Hoover-Aye, Larner-Aye, Navarre-No, 8:53 p.m.
Sedlar-Aye, Wenzel-Aye, Vondrasek-Absent
Motion carried. Minutes respectfully submitted by Village Clerk Tina Powell
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